Yes the title says its all!!! HUH????

Gaudy, Irritating & a viral hit, this kinda tells us a lot about the taste of many people nowadays when they gravitate towards puzzling choices as such, the song escapes me in terms of its content or total lack of it...well I can definitely agree it's catchy for sure! That's why music works wonders in connecting people...but great melody & a catchy tune without content is just pure HUH???

CRINGE!!!! lol

Update : it appears our dear viral sensation  Pikotaro has come up with an update of the tune, with Long PPAP!!!Double HUH????

But finally in this video, he clarifies how the inspiration came about, that is revealing & finally enlightening to ME! lol what a relief indeed!!!


3 Nov 16 Update


Yes I guess i am going to make fun of it somehow & do it as a game, watch out for more PPAP Updates

 What a fun song to do to get everyone up on their feet! I simply just love the message here...

 Well, as a performer, I started out as a dancer before moving into being a choreographer, so can't help but recall how music makes me feel when I first started in showbiz. It's all about letting go & letting the music take over!!!

I am asked to finally do a wedding at SEA Aquarium! Yeah, so super excited!!!

The bride mention that there's going to be many old folks at the dinner, so asked me to cater Mandarin as well as Hokkien, TeoChew & Cantonese songs for them.

She also mentioned that there re going to be a lot of kids, so I thought I would entertain them by learning Under The Sea from DIsney's Little Mermaid-what a mouthful of lyrics!!!

But also so much fun, I delight in the challenge & finally can say I must be the emcee with the best knowledge in terms of naming fishes!!! lol

Yes! My NEW 2017 Chinese New Year Lohei Video is finally out! After so long, I finally made my way to finishing the CNY video clip I have been wanting to do for the longest time, hope you all like it!

Download it here, right save as

FYI -Here're the usual Singapore Chinese New Year Lo Hei Ingredients & their meanings/symbolism!

桔子 Lime- 大吉大利 Prosperity & Fortune

生鱼 Raw Fish- 年年有余 Abundance & Excess

五香粉 Five Spices- 鸿运当头 Great Blessings & Luck

油 Oil- 油水滔滔 Neverending Wealth

甜酱 Plum Sauce- 甜甜蜜蜜 Happiness, Harmony & Joy 

脆片 Crackers- 遍地黄金 Abundance & Wealth

Just love the CNY festive spirit of Spring & the wondrous colours!!! 

Singapore chinese new year cny bilingual lohei lo hei emcee dancers show happy fei fei


Alex with his colourful CNY Lo Hei Spring Festival Dancers 

Singapore chinese new year cny bilingual lohei lo hei emcee dancers show happy fei fei

Michael Buble is back!!! Back with a fantastic track which got me hooked!!! Simple lyrics, great medlody & wonderful jazzy instrumentation...what else can a fan ask for.... so ENJOY!!!


MICHAEL BUBLE - Nobody But Me lyrics

Baby, I get a little bit jealous
But how the hell can I help it...?
When I'm thinking on you
Maybe, I might get a little reckless
But you gotta expect it
What else can a boy do?

My momma taught me how to share
But I'll be selfish & I don't care
'Cause I want you, I need you all for me...

Now I don't want anybody loving my baby
Nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody but me, hey
Now I don't want anybody thinking just maybe
Nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody but me

And I know when you got a lovely lady
It might drive the boys crazy
When she's looking so fine, woah
I know, know, know that no one would ever blame me
The only thing that could save me
Is just knowing your mine
My papa told me once or twice
Don't be cruel but don't be too nice
Cause I want you, I need you all for me

'Cause I don't want anybody loving my baby
Nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody but me, hey
And I don't want anybody thinking just maybe
Nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody but me

Aye, we make beautiful music together, how you make my heart sing
Grew into this- I never want us to be apart thing
Work of art thing, the way you pull me like a harp string
Every moment still is worth it, that's the perfect part, see
I like whatever you like, we had to do right
& do like, two sovereign nations & try to unite
I'm proud of you, like 

a treasure, you're the one I'm cherishing
Every other girl is silly, paling in comparison

Baby, I get a little bit jealous
But how the hell can I help it?
I'm so in love with you

I don't want anybody loving my baby
Nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody but me, hey
I don't want anybody loving my baby
Nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody but me

Oh my papa told me once or twice
Don't be cruel, don't be too nice
My baby don't need no one but me
Oh, and I know how to share
But I'll be selfish, I don't care

(My baby don't need no one but me....!


Had the honour of emcee-ing Darren & Eileen's big day at ParkRoyal. Was my first time there & such a wonderful experience! The Banquet manager Tan ITin at ParkRoyal is an amazing host!!! He was so helpful throughout the entire experience, I must give him 5 Stars for making me feel so special. His team was professional as well! & made it such smooth sailing when it comes to coordination.

Anyway, I decided to don on my Black & White Zebra Printed Jacket with Purple roses. Added a feather accessory with pink rose at the pocket to complete the look! I know, but to my defence-you have to be vain to be in showbiz! haha

I started with LOVE WILL KEEP US ALIVE by the Eagles. It's been a while since I last sang that song:- I clearly remember the first time i sang that song:-


Then, I surprised them further with BE OUR GUEST. I also upon the couple's request did a Cantonese songs 爱是永恒 by Jackie Cheung

The event went on like a breeze as I sang one song after another, before you know it, it was near the end. Finally, i manage to steal a picture with them!!! They had great things to say... well that was comforting to know!

But this personal message that came after I left the venue meant so much more- because he had to master all his senses to compose this- YES ANOTHER WEDDING EVENT WELL DONE!!!



Just did the Apex MidAutumn Charity Show for my old client CNM. What a mad rush as there was a meeting right before our event, had to do the soundcheck & tried to get ready amidst the old folks came in early!!! Only had time to snap this selfie at the end...


But it was like having my own concert because I really sang my heart out just to entertain all the old folks!!! Glad they were singing & cheering along, great atmosphere!!!


Nice to  also receive a personal note of thanks from the big boss!


3rd event of the week...lost for words, a picture speaks a thousand words i guess!



I was asked to host Raffles Marina's Yatch Club 22nd Anniversary event with a Hawaiian theme. Everyone loved my yellow shirt with red roses. Plus my sun hat, it just screams Hawaiian. But the fun was engaging all the guests with my Hawaiian games & songs too!!!

Although the sun was fierce & I had to constantly rehydrate myself to keep my voice at tip top condition, especially when there's a wedding gig the next day to do, i did not stop myself from entertaining the audience especially the kids who are so into Hawaiian dancing!!!

I think part of me refuses to grow up & I gravitate towards that childlike energy!!! 

In the end, after the event, the client was very pleased of my dedication & professionalism. Received this text:- well well well another great job to live to tell!!! Heehee

It was a Rollin Good Times at the Ascension Teachers' Day Dinner @ Carlton & I entertained the Teachers with my signature Interactive Singalong Segment before handlign over to the folks to do their Awards segment while I make a quick dash to change into the Elvis Tribute.

Right after we Do The Twist, we had the best dressed segment which turn out to be the highlight of the night's programme as I was in my element. I made the VIPs & Teachers laughed so hard, even I had to stop & take a breather...

All in all a great job done!!! & here's the feedback to show!



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