Did a Wild Wild West theme Dinner & Dance @1 Degree 15, Sentosa Singapore last weekend & the kind folks gave me a great testimonial clip for me as the emcee-singer-entertainer!

Thanks so much !!!

Received this lovely card from Keith & Ann, plus yummy desserts, after singing & emceeing their wedding at Orchard Parade Hotel Singapore.

Singapore wedding emcee Alex Tan Thank You CardAwww...so sweet of them, when was the last time I received a card???

Can't wait for the wedding shots!!

In 2016, the coming CNY holiday falls on 8 Feb 15. It is such a significant holiday for the Chinese, in China & also here in Singapore. Yes, even here in modern Singapore!

Celebrating Chinese New Year has actually moved from being a private holiday meant for families to becoming a business get-together. Such networking sessions have become so common in Singapore, as these Chinese New Year Corporate Lohei Luncheons & Appreciation Dinners are a good excuse to express "Thank you's" to clients as well as to network for the coming year. I notice how fervent everybody tries to connect & explore opportunities to work together in such occasions. Alex Chinese New Year Lohei Emcee 2015

Bookings have already started coming in. My usual bilingual professional emcee services, coupled with my singing Chinese New Year songs bring a special unique way of celebrating the occasion. I enjoy bringing about a cheery atmosphere. I think that's why clients choose to go with me as the emcee of Chinese New Year Lohei programmes, with the special entertainment I put in!

To me, the Chinese New Year traditional is all about Optimism--- to start the year on a positive note, but we should not go too overboard till it becomes superstition. There is simply a difference between  dressing  in bright colours to cheer oneself up & thinking one must wear a particular colour or else bad luck will come.

So I still kind of enjoy the traditional Lohei, & kind of excel in the way I get everyone excited & involve in doing the tossing of the favourite dish in the most interactive manner. Each ingredient of the Lohei dish represents something.

Being a Bilingual Emcee proficient in English as well as Mandarin, many people often ask me from where I had picked up my accent. Well, I've learnt the basic phonetics well. 讲话语咬字要清楚,发音要准确! 

Frankly, I'm learning new stuff every time. Like they say-learning should be a lifelong process, well I say-the moment you stop learning, you start to age...So learning keeps me feeling young & will remain for years to come my philosophy. Well... till those brain cells refuse to register i guess:)

Back to my Chinese, sorry I digress--- I like to do programmes that has a sophistication to them, not overtly 'cina ah beng', as some of us locals would call it. It can be a thin line between trying to engage the Mandarin-speaking audience & being cheesy & tacky, cos that's what a discerning taste is all about. So for me i try to strike a balance, maintaining the entertainment value, yet making it accessible to many.

Besides the Lohei segment being the highlight, I have been asked to come up with interesting Chinese New Year entertainment shows.  

Here's a modern pop number, that I produced specially  for my client's mother birthday celebration. I think it's perfect for the Mandarin-speaking crowd, compete with a little interactive segment to ra-ra the guests. Indeed, Singaporeans may be shy & reserved, needs some warming up... but they love entertainment for sure! I even sang in Cantonese to tie in with her dialect group so that she feels special. The Chinese song 欢乐今宵 was the main theme song from a very popular Chinese show from Taiwan.

Here's another traditional approach to the Chinese New Year Lohei, I dressed up as magistrate to welcome the VIP at the door. Welcomed the guests with the song 龙的传人 then read the Imperial Edict like a magistrate then, hype up the Lohei segment with my own signature style. 

Peranakan themes are also very popular nowadays because of our cross-cultural influences in Singapore. Who doesn't appreciate the delicious flavours in cuisine? Having represented Singapore  for Singapore Tourism Board on countless occasions over the years, I have grown accustomed to it being part of the heritage in this region, here's an interesting way of presenting that Lohei Dish creatively by being one of the serving waitstaff to surprise the guests.

So come make a booking quickly cos there's only 2 weeks of CNY celebrations! 

Just look at the Wmras 10 year Lohei Anniversary picture when I sang & produced & hosted the entertainment segments


Or this Forbidden City themetic show for the grandest affair!

I also hosted a Chinese New Year Lohei function for the CEO of Julius Baer & his guests at his beautiful home at Echo Park, Tanglin


So make your Chinese New Year Lohei Celebration a prosperous & jovial one with great atmosphere with my ever-so cheery & vibrant personality!!

So make a booking with me right away! 

Download my CNY Song Clip (right click save as)



Being a professional emcee who sings, I constantly have to update my repertoire of songs. So to stay up-to-date, I decided to learn this new song.

Somehow, as a singer-songwriter, I gravitate towards meaningful lyrics, even though this song has a clubbish house feel to it. It is melodious as I would like it, but more importantly what the lyrics say strike me-

"Feeling my way through the darkness
Guided by a beating heart
I can't tell where the journey will end
But I know where to start

They tell me I'm too young to understand
They say I'm caught up in a dream
Well life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes
Well that's fine by me

So wake me up when it's all over
When I'm wiser and I'm older
All this time I was finding myself
And I didn't know I was lost 


I tried carrying the weight of the world
But I only have two hands
Hope I get the chance to travel the world
But I don't have any plans

Wish that I could stay forever this young
Not afraid to close my eyes
Life's a game made for everyone
And love is the prize"


Wow, it's all about dreaming, I gather. People do tell me that I might be caught up in my dream of being an entertainer, being a singer-songwriter but I'm really not. I'm just pursuing what I love:)  

This song resonates with me so much! I always dream of changing the world with my music...wait & see, it's gonna happen!

Yes as a professional emcee, I'm pretty happy where I'm at in terms of my skills...it is helping me pursue my other passion- singing. So I will learn, I will grow, as a professional singer, to become not just good, but really great at this aspect of me as an entertainer, here in Singapore...& maybe one day finally, the world.

Don't stop dreaming Alex:) 

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Alex & his team just entertained the ASEAN 10 regional delegates

Rep'd sag in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Dubai, Stockholm, 7 major Cities of India (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad), Seoul, Moscow, Bangkok, Jakarta, Jogjakarta  & many more cities  for Singapore Tourism Board & Singapore Airlines. 

& most recently in Auckland, Christchurch & Wellington for Singapore High Comms.

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